Who we are

We like to call ourselves a web company because we design, plan and develop products and solutions exclusively for the web: we analyze the needs of our customers, study the market and redefine business processes with an innovative spirit, offering cutting-edge , sustainable and effective solutions .

We are digital, we are The Digital Solution Company.


Culture and values

We believe that our values are a key factor for our long-term success, which define and guide our business, commercial and operational decisions. In fact we conduct our daily activities based on common and shared values:

  1. Commitment
  2. Responsibility
  3. Integrity
  4. Respect
  5. Courage
  6. Flexibility
  7. Diversity
  8. Confidentiality


1. The commitment makes it possible to achieve the objectives

From our first application to the achievement of business objectives: an ongoing challenge that requires constant commitment. The dedication to work, supported by a great passion for what we do, allows us to achieve concrete goals step by step. We are committed to creating value day by day, updating ourselves and our products with a view to continuous improvement.

2. Responsibility is the basis of our business activities

Responsibility means setting a good example. Whether it is protecting the environment or carrying out activities according to best practices: we set ever higher standards and then adapt to them.
Responsibility distinguishes our attitude towards customers, colleagues and suppliers.

3. Integrity guarantees our credibility

We are proud to translate into words what we say in words. As in any industry, trust is an invaluable asset and integrity makes us sure we deserve it. For us, in fact, it is more important than the profits themselves.
Integrity also means being able to say "No" to what does not conform to our values. This is why we have never compromised our ethics or accepted that the end justifies the means.

4. Respect is the basis of any partnership

In Digital Solution we are people, beyond the roles and tasks of each. We respect everyone's abilities, personal opinions, successes and culture. The result is a climate of fairness and recognition of merits in which open and sincere communication is easily developed. Respect, in fact, generates an atmosphere of esteem, trust and mutual identification and allows even very different people to work positively.

5. Courage opens the door to the future

Dealing with problems, continuing to invest despite seemingly insurmountable difficulties, to reach our vision: it is a demonstration of how the courage to support our beliefs helps us make decisions that can take us forward. Courage means challenging yourself.

6. Flexibility in a world of 0 and 1

In our world of strict rules, protocols and bits, we seek flexibility for ourselves and as much as we offer to customers and partners. Flexibility in planning, in the commercial aspects, in the roles and tasks assigned so as to be able to collaborate in the best way and quickly embrace the continuous evolution in the world of technology. But also flexibility in working hours to best combine private and working life.

7. Diversity enriches us

We believe that enhancing the diversity and attitudes of each promotes the development of skills and the release of their potential, so that everyone finds satisfaction in their work and in achieving shared business objectives. We share information, best practices and lessons learned convinced that the circularity of information triggers a virtuous mechanism of continuous updating and growth.

8. Confidentiality is a virtue

We treat sensitive data on behalf of our customers and are aware of how sensitive certain activities are. We take responsibility for it with Commitment and Responsibility. We take the utmost care to protect our Privacy as a Company, as individual Persons and in the same way we protect the privacy of our Customers.
In a reality dominated by social networks and shared data, we look for and cut out spaces for Privacy.

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